In orbit above Planet 33Z-Alpha your ship is attacked by the tendril of an unknown botanical life form.  Use this invasive species' deadly red vines to create atmosphere for practical plants. Learn the nature of these plants to navigate through and reclaim your ship.


Move left/right - left/right arrow keys

Plant seed - Z or space

Remove plant - X, Left Alt, or backspace

Select seed - up/down arrow keys

Restart level - enter

Gamepad supported with d-pad, start, and bottom and right buttons (Xbox A and B).


Red flowers determine how many other types of flowers you can plant - e.g. if you have 2 red flowers planted in a level you can plant 2 other plants. Different flowers have different effects, if you're not sure, experiment, or check the guide:


Upon pressing the play button to begin the game half of the screen briefly flashes white. This flash should be slow enough to be safe, however if you have any concerns I would recommend downloading the "no flash" zip file and playing that version of the game instead, this version completely removes all flash effects. 

Sound is used, however there are no sound cues, the game can be played muted.

The plants all have distinct shapes, so colour vision should not be necessary to tell them apart. 


Design, programming, audio: Ellie

Level design: Mari Mari

Art: Time

Sounds generated using sfxo-1

Lerb age ratings by Adam Horner.

This game was made for the Lospec game jam 2021, which had a resolution restriction, so it will likely be far easier to see and play the game in fullscreen or by playing the desktop version. If you have issues running the browser version check your cookie settings or try a different browser.


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